Papa Troutpapa

The “original” Desert Okie,Papa Trout ,formed the band in 1974 in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. After performing to a packed mess hall during the “First Annual State Pen Prom”, he was immediately pardoned by the Governor and sent to Nashville,Tennessee a free man. Dave is a songwriter, plays guitar, and keeps the band “in line”with a switch, if necessary. When not performing, he spends his days watching old VHS tapes of “You Can Be A Star” and wondering how he ended up in a band with a rapper.







Chad Troutchad

Eldest son of the Trout family, Chad Trout, was the undisputed World Champion of Full Contact Karaoke until the sport was banned world wide by The United Nations in 2002. Originally from Bristow, Oklahoma, Chad moved to Nashville with his father, Papa Trout, and became an instant Music City sensation with his band ,The Mmm Bops”, a Hanson “tribute band” featuring his younger brother and fellow Desert Okie, Travis Trout. When not performing, Chad spend his days pitching reality TV show ideas to unsuspecting Uber passengers.







Jaime Foxjamie

Raised by a band of pageant queen gypsies, Jaime Fox moved to Nashville from Prissyville, Maryland where she became an instant success singing in Nashville’s widely popular “Supper Theater” circuit. She starred as Jethro’s sister/cousin “Trish” in the Supper Theater hit “There’s More Than One Way to Cook A Possum”, Nashville’s longest running Supper Theater show to date. When not performing, Jaime spends her time polishing her Miss Maryland crown and practicing in the mirror not to roll her eyes while saying “NO, not THAT Jaime Fox”.







Travis Trouttravis

Youngest son of the Trout family, Travis Trout, was found in 1982 by Papa Trout in a guitar case backstage at a David Allan Coe concert. After moving to Nashville, Travis quit his brother’s Hanson tribute band “The Mmmm Bops” to pursue a career in illegal fishing lures. After his arrest in 1997, Travis returned to music after meeting bassist and fellow Desert Okie, Danny Bennett, at an audition for the “Chris Gaines Tour”. When not performing, Travis spend his time on the guitar developing the “H Chord”, a chord the world is not yet ready for.







Danny Bennettdanny

Originally from Greenbrier, Tennessee, bassist Danny Bennett joined The Desert Okies after a chance meeting with Travis Trout at an audition for the “Chris Gaines Tour”. Danny actually got the job, but was immediately fired for wearing a Garth Brooks T Shirt to the first rehearsal. In 2001, Danny was diagnosed with “Keanu Reeves Syndrome” and is growing younger looking at an alarming rate. Danny spends most of his time performing while he still can. His doctors say it’s only a matter of time before he looks “too young” to get in the gigs.







Mill Creekmill

Mill Creek, the “rapper” of the band, is actually the only member of The Desert Okies that was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Living in “Country Music USA”, he naturally gravitated towards Hip Hop music. Mill went to college on a “tambourine scholarship” and graduated with a bachelors in recording. In 1989, Mill Creek received a life time ban from the Opryland Theme Park after an altercation with Corey Feldman. When not performing, Mill creek spends his time deleting people from his friends’ list on Facebook and wondering how he ended up in a country band.